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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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Top 9 IT Predictions for 2010 - 2015

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This is predictions report focused on the new balance emerging in IT as organizations worldwide shift from a cost containment mode and prepare for a return to economic growth. Previous assumptions about revenue flows and ownership will continue to be challenged as a new balance between supply, consumer demand and regulation emerges.

According to this list of "Gartner’s Predicts 2010 Special Report", predictions for 2010 reflect the extent to which IT has extended beyond the confines of business to become intrinsic to every aspect of society.

Predictions list 2010 - 2015:

  • By 2012, 20% of businesses will own no IT assets.

  • By 2012, India-centric IT service companies will represent 20% of the leading cloud aggregators in the market.

  • By 2012, Facebook will become the hub for social networks integration and Web socialization.

  • By 2014, most IT business cases will include carbon remediation costs.

  • In 2012, 60% of a new PC’s total life greenhouse gas emissions will have occurred before the user first turns the machine on.

  • Internet marketing will be regulated by 2015, controlling more than $250 billion in Internet marketing spending worldwide.

  • By 2014, more than three billion of the world’s adult population will be able to transact electronically via mobile and Internet technology.

  • By 2015, context will be as influential to mobile consumer services and relationships as search engines are to the Web.

  • By 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web accessdevice worldwide.

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