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Saturday, July 26, 2008

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Microsoft's receptionist of the future is a robot

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Microsoft with video presentation demonstrated a software-based robot that uses a combination of visual and voice recognition, speech synthesis to handle basic tasks. Its initial purpose will be to handle shuttle request in Microsoft buildings which typically have a pair of receptionists to handle visitors and shuttle requests.

In a video, two Microsoft employees approach the robot, who said (in a rather robotic voice) "Which building do you want to go to?" After each employee answers (both workers want to take the same shuttle), the robot says: "It should be here in four minutes."

Microsoft Chief Research and Strategy officer Craig Mundie say that the system is part of the draft Microsoft to enter the era that robotics is still in its preliminary stage and not only be used for working receptionist. Bill Gates augurs the beginning of a new era in which robots will become consumer goods.

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