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Friday, September 12, 2008

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Linux feature is starting to look brighter

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CEO of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth is using his millions to improve the Linux user experience, hiring people to work on X, OpenGL, Gtk, Qt, GNOME and KDE. He had doubted that desktop Linux could ever equal the smooth, graceful integration of the Mac OS. Today's Mac OS X 10.5, Leopard, is a work of the user-interface designer art. On Mac, everything is smoothly integrated and it's like all inclusive apartment. That's becouse, Apple alone, controls the all Mac architecture from hardware to software. Everything fits together; everything works, because everything is under Apple's control. Linux has taken an entirely different approach.

Linux have a common base, the Linux kernel, then split off as they compete with each other to be the best of the best. It's non-stop competition where only the best survive. This competition forces Linux desktops to evolve very quickly. That's why, Linux profits while Microsoft has been stumbling with its Vista failure.

On other side, Linux and MacOS are fundamentally different development approaches and leads to quite different desktop experiences. With Linux, you tend to get more choices and more power. Linux give you benefits that the Mac can't deliver. It's open, it's flexible, and it gives the user far more control over their desktop. Mac gives you less choice but a more consistent experience. Linux will never be equal to the Mac's architecture, (becouse Linux distributor, must be a software and hardware manufacturer as well), but with Mac experience, that's something that is gonna be changed.

So, Mark Shuttleworth write on his blog that "will improve Linux experience with doing some of the heavy lifting required to turn desktop experience ideas into reality". As Shuttleworth recently said he wanted the Linux desktop to be better than the Mac's desktop interface. And now he is investing his millions to the new bright Linux feature.

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Gail Alexander said...

First of all, thank you for your invitation to view your blog. I found this article about Linux very informative. Actually it is the first article about Linux that I read all of the way through, because your writing was easy for me to understand.

You invited me to critique/review your blog, and I am happy to do so. First of all, I think that you should use all action words in your subtitle: "Research, detect, and publish..."instead of "research, detecting and publish...

Also I spotted a couple of spelling errors. I found the sentence construction in the last paragraph of your article somewhat confusing.

For the most part I find that your blog offers valuable content for readers who want the latest technology information. Also it is very well designed, and the page loaded quickly.


Gail Alexander

WeblogLearner said...

This is my first time to read about Linux as well and it has a "unique" effect to readers.

Moreover, about the review, I have the following points:

1. You have a good navigation in this layout and it looks simple and not full of distracting colors. That is a plus.

2. Very unique content which gives you high possibility of being searched online (when indexed by search engines). People/readers around like to read unique blog contents

3. Don't worry about the titling the "ing" for my taste can b used, unless it is a "news-type" title/post where the present tense is a good thing but you can make the title more fancy to me more interesting and intriguing letting the readers get curious.

Those are the three points I want to share by now. I do detailed review of blogs like yours and encourage traffic and shared comments as well when I review sites but it costs 800 ECs with do follow links and screenshots (that link back to your site too) and other fancy stuffs. Just buzz/PM me in my EC account if you want a detailed one with lots of reader reactions.

TO see some samples of these reviews, I attach here the following:

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Corran57 said...

It is not surprising that Linux is after the mac interface as Apple took it from them and made it work. I remember the playing with early Red Hut and Mandrake (now Mandivia) and being blown away by what i could do and how good it looked. I wonder if the possibilities offered in the linux desktop, was one of the main reasons Jobs when went to a Debian base for OSx.

Site looks nice, if not the same as the rest. It is easy to read and looks tight, good work.