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Saturday, November 1, 2008

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iPod review - Is the iPod the best digital audio player?

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Is the iPod the best digital audio player on the market, and is there still room for improvement? The answer is simply YES. While other MP3 players have tried to add features and accessories to make up for their shortcomings, the iPod gets it right with a slick hardware design, easy-to-use interface, and the best software in the market.

iPod overview:
The latest full-size iPod can be considered generation 5.5, since the interface and design improvements aren’t nearly as drastic as they were from generation 4 to 5. The new model comes with an ultra-roomy 80GB capacity. With the brighter screen with touch functionality, all the enhancements in the firmware, including gapless playback, a new search, support for better games, iPod Touch goes far high away from other MP3 players.

Also the new iPod nano now comes in a variety of colors; the full-size model is still limited to just black or white. Nano looks distinctly stubby compared its predecessor thanks to it being 20mm shorter. It's an all-metal design that is, quite frankly, an astounding piece of engineering. The screen has a 320x240 resolution, the same as the regular iPod, and can now play video too.

But, from statistic and a lot of net comparison reviews we must said that there are many of likenesses between mp3 players and iPod.

As iPod is a full-size version containing the memory on a hard drive, MP3 players more often than not bring into play flash players and discs with influencing high-quality.

Both MP3 player and iPod let you know to download music from the internet search engine. MP3 players are best for music lovers as they can be downloaded from the internet same as iPod. But if you prefer to use the tool to watch movies and playing games, iPod is the best solution.

Both MP3 players and iPods are accessible at There you can find many price comparison models. The cheapest MP3 player is usually found there at $25, whereas the iPod contains a worth by $100 to approximately $400. But on, with numerous lists of price comparison, you can find really cheap iPod.


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i think it's not, there are many mp3 players which is more affordable right now