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Saturday, February 14, 2009

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7 top mobility norms to do your job out of office using your laptop

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Although this title "maybe" has potential to be used from mobile providers because this sounds bombastic, actually we would like to show you what to pay attention to and how to behave if you are mobile computer costumer. To be more precise, if you work in company with developed network infrastructure, and you sometimes or often do your job out of office using your laptop, try to keep this 7 norms:

1. Quality charging (battery)
Sooner or later, you will understand that all the MHz, MB and other acronyms does not mean absolutely nothing if you do not have well enough working assets. A basic asset for mobile work is battery and pay attention to this characteristic when you are choosing your laptop. Remark: battery out of guaranty in the rule will not be repaired, and new ones are very expensive - buy laptop with as longer guarantee.

2. Drivers…
You should have all drivers installed (Bluetooth, Wireless, infrared, network and local printers) because you never know when you would like to network your cellular phone, printer, or Bluetooth earphone, and you will not be able to because installation CD is in office.

3. Costumer Service
Save internal help-desk department phone number, because you will need it in case some problem occurs, which real specialist will resolve in few minutes, and you would need much more time for right problem detection and its resolving.

4. Report problems
If you have problems with distance access to your company, you cannot use all applications as when you are in your office, you notice strange computer behavior, etc. immediately inform persons in charge of IT safety or help-desk department. Every incorrect behavior from your side can imperil company safety, and different scenarios may be appropriated in advance in order that later more serious aftermath can be blocked.

5. Up- to- date
This popular phrase is concerning Windows patches status and virus definition status. You should always have installed latest versions, because it can happen that you come to your friend and you will not be able to access internet because you have 2 months old virus definition.

6. Make backups
If you work in office then you would probably save every important document to network disks, and those are backup at least once a day. If you work only one week out of office, try to imagine disaster if you lose documents that you made or changed on terrain. So organize yourself and save the most important documents on other storage media (CD, USB disk …)

7. Remote access
If you need network data access (e-mail, documents from shared disk etc.) then first you should realize internet connection with your company. In the rule, it is VPN access and make sure to know access procedure from distance computer to your company.

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