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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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Amaya – multiplatform web editor and browser for all

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Amaya is a WYSIWYG web editor and browser, which comes directly from the workshops of the W3C. Supports HTML 4.01, XMHTL 1.0, XHTML Basic, XHTML 1.1, HTTP 1.1, MathML 2.0 and other formats, and is available for all three major platforms (Linux, Windows and OS X).

It is a tool that allows you to create and update documents directly on the web, while the browser functionalities are directly associated with the editing functionality and remote access to documents.

Work on Amaya began in 1996 in W3C, in order to demonstrate the latest web technologies in a fully equipped web client. In the beginning it was just HTML + CSS editor, as with time it got support for XML and many XML applications (such as those from groups XHTML, MathML and SVG.

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