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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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Google Earth 5 released

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Google release new version 5 of extremely popular Google Earth. The major changes are detailed 3D ocean floor, the ability to go up to 50 years back in time when looking at a particular location, record a virtual tour of locations, and a 3D rendition of Mars.

Now our planet can be viewed under water and includes videos and images of ocean life, along with details on surf spots, and other information’s. This Google Earth release was developed in cooperation with National Geographic Society, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, US Navy and several others, using their sonar database to bring renders, videos and pictures from deep oceans floor.

The new function is also historical imagery, and with time slider you can change your view to imagery which is older than the date shown on the slider. Historical imagery is a powerful tool for exposing changes to our neighborhoods, communities and the environment, so besides for fun it can be used for collecting data and other useful information for particular places (for example Ice glaciers).

Cooperation with NASA in this release brings 3D maps of Mars based on satellite pictures database and panoramic photos pictured by NASA exploration robots landed on Mars. There is also function to preview changes across the time to certain location.

More on new Google Earth release you can read here or download Google Earth for free for Windows, Mac and Linux here.

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XenonOfArcticus said...

And I want to be the first third-party developer to announce we’re already shipping support for authoring Google Earth 5 Guided tours in our Visual Nature Studio/Scene Express tools.