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Thursday, February 12, 2009

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Check the real speed of your internet connection

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In spite of the present’s time super fast Internet access from house, constant wires in companies with sometimes over 40MBits, it nevertheless sometimes happens that some pages are loading slowly. There can be few reasons. From the fact that there have occurred an outburst of network equipment, so the speed of internet access has reduced to pitiful numbers, and also in large companies’ users download large number of files from internet, and that can cause large number of problems to other users.

In this article we want to introduce you with few on-line WebPages which, in real-time and very fast, check your internet connection and give you feedback information on the real speed of your internet connection.

A remark for IT administrators: If with this check you establish that your Internet speed is on a respected level, then the cause of your slow Webpage loading is inside of your company, and you must find a guilty one that is downloading “half of internet”. Those programs we’ll describe next time.

Here is ours top 5 web tools

1. ABELTRONICA - Fast, exact and efficient. For a barely 20 seconds you will get a download and upload information.

2. SPEEDTEST - graphically a lot of information, but it only comes to download and upload.

3. SPEAKEASY - Like the first proposal, fast and exact.

4. BANDWIDTH -a few questions at the beginning (continent, state), but in the end we get some information more as a result.

5. MCAFEE -one good page more, offering a lot of terminology which helps in better understanding of the matter.

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nivetha said...

Thanks for the information about the check the internet speed.I checked my internet speed in the site this article I know the another way of the check the internet speed.Really its useful to me.