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Monday, February 16, 2009

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Facebook license agreement sucks

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The terms of use on Facebook are changed! If you are photographer, writer or publish anything that is your personal work, be careful with Facebook, because the terms of use are changed. Everything that you publish on this social network used by 150 000 000 users can be used by the company not until you are a member (like it was before, and like it was ok!!!), but FOREVER!

Before the 4 Fevruary 2009, all the rights that the company has under your work expired the day you delete your profile. The new license agreement has new rules for you. With the new terms Facebook can ‘ copy, publish, stream, store, retain, publicly perform or display, transmit, scan, reformat, modify, edit, frame, translate, excerpt, adapt, create derivative works and distribute (through multiple tiers), any User Content you Post’ . So you agree to give them right to do whatever they want with all the content that you post/publish. [via]

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Graeme said...

Hey, thanks for bringing that to my attention. Out of curiosity, where can I find the full Facebook License Agreement?