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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Ping command and how to use it

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One of the most useful commands in checking the connection between the network computers is ping command. This command, which is also one of the commands, transmits packets according to destination and presents to the user the result of sending the packages.

This command sends Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo packets to the destination device, and if the device response, mean - that it is available.

Ping command is used with the syntax ping a host name or ping the IP address of your computer. As a destination you do not need to specify the computer or its IP address, but this can be a router or other network device.

With ping command you can find out the name of the computer if you use the syntax ping -a IP, where IP is IP address of computer.

Often, you can use the command ping with –t parameter (ex: ping -t), which repeats the ping request until you don’t stop the operation with CTRL + C.

More about Ping command you can learn by typing ping /? in the command prompt (CMD) in Windows and with typing ping –help in any Linux distribution in terminal mode.

Some Windows examples:
Ping host:

Ping host repeatedly:

Ping command help:

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