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Friday, February 27, 2009

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How to Remove Unnecessary Programs from Starting Automatically

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A lot of Windows programs are set to start automatically on every login. Some of them are useful some are not. Unnecessary programs in most situations slow down your windows and use a lot of computer memory. Removing those programs which are not necessary can improve speed of your computer. Automatic start of the programs is set either in the Startup Folder or the Registry.

One easy way to tell is by looking at how many icons are in your system tray. If you have a large number, perhaps unnecessary resources are being allocated them as well as increasing your boot time.

Typical examples are Microsoft Office, Office FindFast, Real Player, ATI Video setting etc.

Here is the steps for removing those programs from automatic start:

  1. Go to Start / Run
  2. Type "msconfig", without quotations
  3. Hit enter key or click the OK button
  4. A System Configuration Utility window will show up
  5. Click the Startup tab
  6. In the Startup tab you will see several boxes and some of them will selected (checked). All you have to do is to uncheck extra items that are of no use. If you run an antivirusprogram it is not recommended to uncheck it.
  7. After making you choices press the OK button, you will be prompted to restart computer to apply changes.
  8. After restarting your computer a dialogue will be displayed.
  9. You can check the option for not showing this dialogue everytime your PC reboots.

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