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Thursday, February 5, 2009

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Safer browsing with new Firefox update

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Users of Firefox browser on any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) certainly have already received an automatic upgrade to version 3.0.6.

Update comes with six security patches as fix of deliberate demolition of the browser or omissions in the JavaScript, which in previous version can launch unauthorized code. The stability of application is improved and it is corrected bug for page errors in the case of long continuous use of the browser. Upgrade has been given the possibility of using scripting commands (such as those in the extension Adblock Plus) for proper operation with other plugins.

From statistic, Firefox constantly has more users, and according to the latest information in the past year's market share increased by 3% to 21.53%. Anyway, Internet Explorer has other 67.55% of market share which makes it the most used browser on the world.

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