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Saturday, February 7, 2009

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Windows tip: Open programs with single mouse click, not with the default double click

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If you are using Windows (XP or Vista) and you would like your programs and files to open with a single mouse click, not with the default double click – here is the tip:

In Windows settings you can define whether you want your programs and files to open with a double click, which is the default setting, or with a single click.

In order to turn this setting on, under the Tools menu inside the Windows Explorer, choose Folder Options, and then in the new dialog window that opens up, check the box next to the “Single – click to open an item (point to Select” option).

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Anonymous said...

The XFree86 from 1992 called and wants to welcome you to the one-click world.

About Islam said...

I was more than surprised to see so many tips for windows, and will most definately take a look at them.

P.S. Thank You Very Much, for taking the time to write this article up and share it with the rest of us, as there are still many who could use a straight forward and very easy to understand guide on customizing windows