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Saturday, February 7, 2009

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Windows tip: Disable administrator account and increase the security of your windows system

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One of the primary targets of attacks on the computer networks, and the single computers, is the administrator user account. It is not a wonder because led by the Microsoft security policy the administrator user account is one with the highest powers in the user's ladder, and with potential discovery of its password, an unauthorized person might do whatever she/he likes. Considering the fact that the user name is already known (administrator) it is enough to discover into possession of the password in order to be able to abuse its powers.

If this were a game of „continue the quiz“, then its solution would be: I want to disable or change the administrator’s user account. By prevention of the logging as administrator we would increase the security of our system at least by 50%, and if that is not possible (e.g. domain computers, domain administrator), then we certainly recommend the change of the name of administrator account. For all this mentioned above, Microsoft has strived by KB articles and „How to disable the Local Administrator account in Windows”,and „HOW TO: Rename the Administrator and Guest Account in Windows Server 2003”. It is our sincere/big/serious recommendation that you should make a serious study of the cited texts and if possible, apply it in your network environment. [via]

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