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Friday, March 27, 2009

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8 Tips and Hints for Maintaining Your Computer Hardware and Improving Speed and Performance

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Your computer performance and speed depends ( a big percentage) of how you maintain your computer hardware. In this post I'll explain the requirements or the hints you can do in your hardware to improve the speed of your computer, because a lot of people miss-understand that matter and in many cases they buy expensive software.

Tips and hints for maintain computer hardware:

  1. Clean the computer case tower with a blower once every two weeks because the dust make an isolation and also can affect the performance by increasing the heat.

  2. Try to buy a good strong CPU.

  3. Buy a quality fan for your processor which make much more RPM and check the material type of the heat sync (Copper is recommended as it has a good heat transfer coefficient).

  4. Increase the number of your fans in your computer especially in the summer because when the temperature of the components increases that affects the performance of the hardware. So it's recommended to put a fan on your hard disk, another one on the Graphic card if it doesn't has a one.

  5. Check the power supply voltage regularly every 3 months because if the voltage is not good that will affect the performance of your PC.

  6. Try to collect your PC's components by a way to release a high compatibility following the recommendation included in the Manuel of the motherboard and the processor.

  7. You can upgrade the CPU speed and you increase it but be careful when you are going to do that and also you can update your BIOS and check for the newest versions.

  8. You can enhance the speed by buying a new memory stick and you can add it to the first one but check if there is an empty slot or not first, also you can upgrade your Graphic card if you want better display with a newest one with a big memory and good cooling system.
We hope that after doing these hints you'll feel the big difference in your work and you'll enjoy the freedom using the same computer.

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