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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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Ardour 2.8 released – Install with One Click on Ubuntu

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A more than a month ago, Ardour project lose his major sponsor SAE (SAE Institute originally the School of Audio Engineering) but we are happy to announce that development is going strong and the 3.0 version will follow in near feature. Development is now supported mainly by donations and everybody is invited to donate to this very important and powerful, free open source professional music software for Linux and MacOS.

Ardour is a professional digital audio workstation and you can read more about it on few DetectorPRO posts - just click here or enter Ardour on search field to list them.

This 2.8 release is mostly bugfix version (complete list here) that also comes with a couple of very interesting features especially Distributable VST support. This means that there is no more need to fetch the VST SDK from Steinberg in order to build Ardour with VST support, and distributions are now free to compile and release packages of Ardour with VST support. Other 2.8 features are:

  • Track/Bus Templates
  • VST preset handling
  • VST chunk handling
  • AudioUnit state & preset handling
  • new playhead-to-{next,previous}-region-boundary variant commands that ignores track selection (on Linux, Windows-LeftArrow or Windows-RightArrow; on OS X, Ctrl-LeftArrow or Ctrl-RightArrow)
  • New, thoroughly edited Spanish translation
  • New "accurate" crossfade icons
You can download and install the new Ardour 2.8 in Ubuntu with single click from or use the next links:

Ubuntu 8.10
Ardour 2.8 for Ubuntu 8.10 32bit
Ardour 2.8 for Ubuntu 8.10 64bit

Ubuntu 8.04
Ardour 2.7.1 for Ubuntu 8.04 32bit

Enjoy and donate to Ardour here.

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Anonymous said...

Its a shame this is only available on Ubuntu.

I would have loved to try it Lenny or Mandriva.

I guess Cool Edit Pro on XP is still it.

TGM said...

Nothing stopping you getting it from