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Sunday, March 8, 2009

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Forget the Stress with Adding More and More RAM

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The only truth: The best way to improve computer performance is to load it with as much RAM as your computer will allow. These days RAM is very cheap. The standard capacity of RAM for normal work on today’s computers and operating systems is 4GB. So, for comfort work always put more RAM.

For example: In case of Windows Vista (as most robust operating system) - the performance increases on Windows Vista were substantial. Most of the problems that you have with your Windows Vista will disappear immediately.

Don’t search for any software tools which will “increase your computer speed”– as their author’s claim, it is pure lie. RAM is the solution.

Applications like Outlook, Excel, Internet Explorer or Firefox that used to lag now fly (to not mention “RAM hungry” application like Photoshop, Visio, Ms Project, etc.)

So, if your computer has the extra RAM space -- load it with RAM. Even cheaper Value RAM will give you a wonderful computing experience. Make wise decision and load your computer with max RAM. Just think how much stress you build up waiting for that 3 seconds each time you wait for an app to respond. Now imagine no more stress. At least from your apps! You can easily find affordable ram on the net on the deal sites. Just Google "Buy Ram".

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Anonymous said...

4 GB RAM is useless on 32Bit systems, read this article to know how much maximum RAM you need and why 4 GB is wastage of money.