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Monday, March 23, 2009

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How to Fix a Stuck Pixel on an LCD Monitor or Laptop

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These days, almost every computer user has LCD screen. One of the main reasons is space savings and better look of the LCD monitor in relation to the ordinary CRT monitor. Or, it is just your Laptop computer. However, there is a certain problem which may appear in LCD monitors often; it is not of crucial importance, still can bother you. The problem we are talking about is the appearance of pixels stuck in that kind of screen. Before the very story about the possibilities of fixing the pixel that is stuck, you need to differ it from the dead pixel. In explanation, there are three kinds of so-called defective pixels, which are: hot, stuck and dead pixel.

Hot pixels can be recognized mainly for being constantly white most of the time and they are best recognizable on the black background. Dead pixel is best recognizable on the white background, as it is constantly black. In explanation, every pixel on LCD screen consists of three sub pixels – red, green and blue – and their combination makes a color of one pixel. In case of a dead pixel, no three of the subpixels are functioning. Finally, the third one and the most interesting for us of the pixel’s defects is a stuck pixel. It is best recognizable for flashing in blue, red, green or yellow on the black background. That pixel type, unlike the dead pixel, can be fixed by certain four methods.

The four methods of fixing the stuck pixel are:

1.Software method
There is more then one program tool for pixel fixing on the market:

  • KillDeadPixel – uses the .gif animation for reparation
  • UDPixel 2.1 – free Windows application for fixing the stuck pixels
  • DPT 2.20 – Windows application which helps in finding dead/stuck pixels.
  • JscreenFix – Java Applet which works in such a way to switch on and off each pixel alternatively, up to times a second and thus fix the stuck ones.
2. Pressure method
  • First, turn off your monitor.
  • Take a pen that is not too sharp and a moist cloth to protect your screen.
  • Bend the cloth once.
  • Put the cloth in front of the stuck pixel and press it gently with the pen, watching in so doing not to hurt the other pixels.
  • Still keep the pressure and switch the monitor on.
  • Remove the pen from the screen. Your pixel should be able to work now.
3. Rubbing method
  • The method requires only a gentle rub of the damaged pixel with one of your fingers.
4. Clattering method
  • Turn on your monitor and set the background black, because that way you will be able to see clearly, which pixel is damaged.
  • Find a pen with a blunt round end.
  • Clatter lightly with that end on the damaged pixel. Of course, do not bang hard. When clattering, you are about to note a small white shine. If you have not noticed it, you have been clattering not strong enough so increase the pressure a bit. Keep on trying until the pixel is fixed.
  • After that, show the white background on the screen to see if you have perhaps damaged one of the near by pixels.
Remember, you can try these methods for fixing dead pixels, but, as we explain before, "dead pixel" is pure hardware error and can't be fixed.

The indicated methods in many cases will fix the stuck pixel but sometimes they will not, so remember that every action you take, you do it on your own risk, and that there is also a possibility of creating even the bigger malfunction.

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