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Saturday, March 21, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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KDE Brainstorm - share your ideas

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KDE Community Forum launched a new initiative - Brainstorm section was created at the beggining of this month and everyone is invited to participate with their ideas and proposals. When you write an idea, it is reviewed by the Editorial Board forum in order to avoid duplicates, spam, etc. Once approved, all other users can vote and comment for that idea, or discard it.

Every few months, the ideas with the most votes will be sent to developers in form of requests for new features. Of course, there is no guarantee that every idea will pass, but in this way proposals and ideas will be more focused in increasing the communication and cooperation between users and developers and offer better relative between these two communities.

Everyone is invited to participate, share your creativity, ideas, wanted features, proposals, votes, comments on KDE Brainstorm. Note that, KDE Branstorm is place for new ideas only, the bugs will be still reported to the KDE Bugzillu.

Share your ideas on KDE Brainstorm.

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