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Monday, March 23, 2009

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MS PowerPoint - small tricks for a great presentation

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Microsoft PowerPoint is a complete graphic package for creating and previewing of professional looking presentation. In the article today, we are giving you a list of shortcut keys, which will come in handy to those of you that often use presentations.

In the newest version of PowerPoint all the function keys, and previous shortcut keys beginning with CTRL are remained, while the new key shortcuts starting with ALT are all clearly marked on the screen. Just press and hold ALT, and Office will display a letter for each shortcut, category, and command. We will list here the most frequently used shortcuts, and a few in addition that could significantly speed up the most frequent actions when working in Microsoft PowerPoint:

F5 – Starting the presentation from the beginning
N, Enter, Down Arrow – Showing the next animation or next slide
P, Page Up – Showing the previous animation or return to the previous slide
Number + Enter – Going to slide No.
B or full stop – Displaying the empty black slide or return to the presentation from the empty black slide
W or coma - Displaying the empty white slide or return to the presentation from the empty white slide
S – Stopping or restart of the automatic presentation
E – Deleting of the screen notes
Shift + F10 – Displaying the shortcut menu
H – Moving to the further slide, if the next one is hidden
T – Setting the new times during tryout
O – Using the old times during tryout
CTRL + P – Revealing the hidden cursor and/or transforming it into a pen
CTRL + A - Revealing the hidden cursor and/or transforming it into an arrow
CTRL + H – Cursor and navigational button presently hiding
CTRL + U – Cursor and navigational button hiding for 15 seconds

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