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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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Microsoft Live Search Becomes - Truth or Rumor?

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According to the site, Microsoft search service Live Search, which is not very popular as its creators like, should soon experience major changes.

Among other things, it will change the name. Obviously, Microsoft believes that this market "brand" does not bring any benefit and it is time to change it. New service name will be “”, apparently this is a Japanese term that means the cloud, or maybe spider (interesting that Japanese...).

This information briefly confirmed unnamed Microsoft official who has a bad habit to twitt on Twitter, but he later deleted the message. On his regret - too late. Someone else already took off a screenshot.

We are waiting official announcements - Ballmer to say something about it. Until then, this may be decoded as rumor.

Personally, I think that will not be the right rival for But, the time will tell.

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