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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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Thunderbird 3 in the new Fedora 11, and much more...

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Fedora 11 Linux distribution cooks in the heat, and it becomes evident that the authors put more and more spice.

New Fedora Linux have Intel and nVIDIA kernel mode-setting, the graphic card from nVIDIA's standard will come with Novueau open source drivers; then there is a new applet to adjust the sound, support for EXT4 FS (Btrfs as option), X Server 1.6 and Linux kernel 2.6.29 (for comparison only - the next version of Ubuntu will come with kernel 2.6.28).

Fedora 11 Linux brings the most popular workstation environments with fresh numbers - Xfce 4.6, GNOME 2:26 and KDE 4.2. New version of famous e-mail client Thunderbird - Thunderbird 3.0, will also come with new Fedora Linux. Thunderbird 3.0 brings changed interface, easily editing options, faster search, G-Mail IMAP support, and better extendible architecture change. Firefox will also be included with its new version 3.1.

There is no doubt that Fedora Linux is in line with time, but we hope that all of those impressive increasing of numbers of programs versions will not affect to stability. In any case, fans of Fedora have big hopes.

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