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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

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Play Guitar with Frets on Fire

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After all shooter games, games with cars, for a change, here is something a little different. I have decided to devote a little attention to this game which is neither large nor difficult, but it will entertain you well.

The game name is “Frets on Fire” and it is very simple - you play guitar. Some will say that it is better Guitar Hero, which is probably true, but this game also has its advantages.

One of the advantages is that is completely free and you can download from the Internet. Other advantage is that is multi platform game and it will work on three platforms - Windows, Linux and OS X. It is programmed in the language Phyton and the author is Unreal Vodoo.

Let's say something about this type of game. In the game you have songs that can be played using the keyboard. Primary keys are F1 - F5 and Enter. You can play it if you get your keyboard in your hands; with fingers of left hand cover keys F1 to F5 and right hand on ENTER. On the screen you have five colors; each belongs to one of the keys F1 - F5.

When on the monitor appears colored F keys, you have to press the respective F, and in the same time hit ENTER (simulation of guitar playing). There is also part in the song when you must hold 1 or 2 keys. Clicking sooner or later or holding keys in improper way will not make sound or if you make a big mistake, you can hear a creaking sound of guitars. When you finish a song, you can see data of: how much you've played the song correctly (in%), how many points you have earned and other data.

The interesting thing in this game is that you can add your own songs and you can adjust it with the game. When you download the game, the game has only three songs, but on a web page you will find over 2000 songs adapted for the game, making them easy to download and insert.

Unlike Guitar Hero, this game has no story (playing in clubs, earning, crossing etc.), but this makes it less demanding and simpler.

In order to get the best insight how this game works, see this video.

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Anonymous said...

This is the best game ever! Thank you