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Thursday, March 5, 2009

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Run from Flash Drive: Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Other Desktop and Web-based App with Xenocode

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Xenocode is an application virtualization technology which means that complex applications can be virtualized and then run without installation.

It helps you to run applications like Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Talk, Gimp, Adobe Reader, desktop and web-based applications. It delivers your applications instantly, anywhere — to your web page, intranet, USB Stick (flash drive), and locked-down desktops. It is specially coded to not require any software to be installed and also allow multiple application versions to run side-by-side on any version of Windows.

It requires no setup, configuration, clients, or device drivers, insulates applications against conflicts, and runs existing applications seamlessly on Windows Vista and locked-down desktops.

Xenocode is for Windows only!


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