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Thursday, March 5, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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Vector Linux 6.0 released

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VectorLinux is Slackware 12 based distro, and now new generation 6.0 is released with code name “Voyager”. This distro is known by high stability and performance even on very old hardware, and on new computers it just “flying”. As I mentioned early, Vector Linux is Slackware 12 based, it comes with Linux kernel and Xfce 4.4.3 window manager.

The new version has improved hardware recognition and easy configuration of wireless network and web camera. There is a new easy GUI installation process, Wicd for networks, Firestarter as a firewall, Vasm for easy system configuration and Slapt-get and Gslapt for repository management.

Office applications are represent by Abiword for text processing and Gnumeric for spreadsheet with support for reading and editing MS Office formats. Xfce4 Calendar, Scribus as a desktop publisher and JPilot to syncronize you hand held device complete the Office menu.The Graphics menu includes the excellent Gimp 2.6 for image editing, Inkscape for vectorial drawing, GQview as image viewer, GTKam for digital cameras and Xpdf as PDF viewer.

For best Internet experience there are Firefox and other alternative apps like Opera, Seamonkey, Dillo as a lightweight option; Opera mail and Seamonkey mail for e-mail; Pidgin for instant messaging and Deluge for torrent download.

Vector Linux 6.0 has DVD support out of the box and all the codecs are already included. VLC, Xine, Mplayer and Xmms will ensure that almost all the audio and video formats can be played. RipperX can encode your Audio CDs, GtkPod can syncronize with your portable player and K3b and Vburn is for for CD and DVD burning.

Vector Linux comes in two editions: Standard that is free for download and Deluxe – that cost 23$ and has extra useful applications and features.

More info and download here.

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