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Thursday, April 30, 2009

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7 Tips to Buy Netbook and Not Feel Bad About It

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If you have decided to purchase your first netbook, in this article we present a few tips and tricks to help you in your choice and what to check before buying it. Therefore, before you purchase you “must” check the price, size, additional hardware and software equipment, and would not be bad to try the device. Here is detailed explanation why!

  1. Define yourself - do you like netbook or notebook (laptop)? - For what do you want to use a netbook? Do you want a device primarily for easy access to the Internet (netbook) or looking for a device for playing games, use it for other applications or Office applications (notebook)?

  2. Buy a netbook with 9/10-inch screen - the weight of that netbook is nearly the same as for the devices with 7 / 8-inch screen, only that they are bigger. The rule in surfing on with the browser is to surf on bigger screen.

  3. Make sure you get a 6 cell battery for your netbook - Most companies offer standard netbooks with three-cell battery. Now, certain models offered A-6 pairs of batteries, so make sure the respective model has a newer type of battery.

  4. Try the keyboard and check whether it is right for you. - Keys on the netbook keyboard don’t have a lot of space between them, so it is easy to slip when you want to touch the desired key. In addition, the majority of keyboard is very comfortable for typing.

  5. Check the software that comes with the netbook - Some companies are not including the software in their netbooks and users can download a lot of free software on the Internet. This is true, but it is a lame excuse. Who wants to spend time downloading when many other netbook makers have added a lot of software. So, buy a netbook with necessary software for your internet activities.

  6. Linux or Windows - To start, try with a Linux OS. Most netbooks under Linux runs much much faster than Windows XP or Windows Vista. But there are also free Linux-based programs for word processing and spreadsheets which are available on the Internet such as Open Office, Sun's StarOffice, inexpensive and web-based software, such as Google Apps. Google also offers a nice package of free software, Google Pack, which includes several popular applications like Adobe Reader, Skype, RealPlayer for music and video, Norton Security Scan, and two browsers, Google's Chroma and Firefox. However, the switch on Linux for regular user is very demanding because most of internet users are accustomed with Microsoft operating systems. I prefer Speed so Linux is my choice! What is your choice?

  7. Price – Here worth the rule that you should see what is available on the market and make a calculation. In fact, some models other than the standard configuration (wi-fi or cable) have integrated 3G module, and mobile service providers offer 3G contracts so people can access on the Internet anywhere with your mobile phone. There are models with touch screen technology but with bigger price - in most of the cases identical price with the standard and cheaper laptops (notebooks). In any case, a laptop will almost always give more for the money.
And finally, do not buy netbook if you're really looking for a laptop (again (1) ), it would be a misunderstanding. Read as much as you can tips about buying if you are not sure what you are looking.

Netbook or notebook, the question is now. Only you know the answer. Good luck.

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