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Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Windows tip: Fix Network Connection Problems in Windows XP

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If you ever would have problems with network connections (network card, other computer connection impossibility, networking computer problems, …) we hope that you will resolve them quickly , because in rule causes of that problems is difficult to detect, and with that resolving is much more difficult. When we are talking about this kind of situation, we think on all problems that are connected with network card and data flow, which goes through it. And all today’s flow abuts itself on TCP/IP network protocol, so problem cause can be in its incorrect work.

As start step you can verify and clean computer from all viruses and spyware, because their advanced versions can disable correct computer work. For real problem detection, first step should be ipconfig command, and after it and ipconfig /all, which you should check all defined IP, addresses for your computer. If everything is right, then usually used command is ping whit which you search return information, we can say and response, from other computer. Generally, detection of problem finishes here, because of network problems you do not prosper to permeate your self to searched computer.

As next step, you can use network card condition check through Device Manager, apropos later and its reinstallation and anew computer activation. Except hardware problems, as network card condition, green light indication on network card, network cable checks, and router eventually if we use it in networking, next problem could be software nature. Windows XP SP3 have brought Windows Firewall, well part of problem could be in it, or any other installed firewall program. Verify if “Use simple file sharing” is turned off, because its turned on condition would not allow you computer networking.

If you have verified that too, and you think that everything is correctly set, then we proceed to next problem detection level. Particularly, in operating system Microsoft Windows XP TCP/IP it is presumed as basic component of operating system and it is not possible to remove it (at least not with simple method). In situations when any other solution does not help, potential problem solution can be hiding in anew TCP/IP part reinstallation and backing in condition as Windows are just installed. Something similar as Repair Windows. In that purpose, we can help us with NetShell servo program, and here are few quick solutions that can help you:

Step 1: IP protocol unset by condition recording in log file (instruction launch in command line)
- Netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt

Step 2: Winsock key unset
- netsh winsock reset
After this instruction, you could have problems with internet access programs or with control from Internet, as antivirus programs, firewall or proxy clients. If after this solution application some programs do not work correct, install it again to recover its functionality.
- for more detailed information about first two steps read articles (HERE).

Step 3: Last help before leaving to service
- as last solution we suggest detailed and extremely careful reading of article (HERE) because in that article exist big network services check procedure, and if that doesn’t helps you it is obviously that you would have to require professional person help.

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