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Friday, May 1, 2009

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How to Set Up Ad hoc WLAN Networking in Windows

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Setting up a Ad hoc WLAN network between two computers is something similar to setting up a LAN network, with the fact that a few more options are available. We advise you to not use any WEP or security key of any other kind in the beginning (they can always be set later), but set static addresses on both computers. We also recommend reading our article HERE.

In short, our advice would be:

  • set static addresses on both computers
  • turn off (disable) Windows firewall
  • turn off Use simple file sharing (take a look at the above mentioned instructions on how to do this)
  • if you’re working on a LAN network, you must use a crossover network cable if you’re directly connecting two computers.
  • try pinging computers – without a successful mutual “pinging” you will most certainly not be able to network the computers.
  • if the ping command succeeds, try accessing the other computer through Windows Explorer using the its name or IP address.

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