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Friday, May 22, 2009

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Windows tip: How to Load Programs on System Start-Up

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If in your everyday work you’re using few applications regularly then you can very simply configure those applications to automatically load after log in, in Windows. This method of opening certain applications is very useful, because you can access your program right after you’ve turned on your computer. Programs we use daily are usually web browser, program for reading mails, RSS reader and the like.

If you’re using the same program every day, you can, in Windows settings, in the Start menu under Taskbar options, set the application in question to load automatically when you turn on the computer. To achieve this you must copy the program shortcut in the Startup folder. To open the Startup folder:

  1. right-click on the Start menu,
  2. then Open – Programs – Startup.
Every program, their shortcuts to be exact, which are contained in the Startup folder, will automatically start during the next Windows log on. If you find a shortcut of a program you do not wish to start automatically, all it takes is to simply delete it from the folder or add it with simple drug and drop mouse functionality.

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Seattle Mattresses said...

I've been looking for this answer. Thanks

Jeffrey said...

Thanks for the tip. This can save me time by automatically loading programs and not loading those that i dont need. Cheers.

cheap computers said...

This is simply amazingly dude it will really helpful for me.....thnx