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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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Sony Ericsson only with Google Android 2.0

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It will take a little while until you see the Sony Ericsson mobile with Google Android.

Vice-president of Asian marketing department at Sony Ericsson Peter Ang, said that the company will not release a mobile phone with Android before the version 2.0 of this mobile OS. They will wait for better support for multimedia, which will bring Android 2.0 compared to version 1.5, and better integration with social networks.

Peter Ang, also talk about rumors that Sony Ericsson would leave the other mobile operating systems in exchange for Android. According to him, mobile phones with the Symbian and Windows Mobile will continue to remain in the company's offer.

Sony Ericsson is hoping that it will offer advanced smartphone to improve sales, which was recently in the fall.

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