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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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Why Your Boss Wants You to Use Linux

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As you “already know” – boss knows the best. If bosses were given to choose an operating system which would be right for their employees, that will be Linux. Here is the reasons:

  1. Since Linux is free, you have no reason to ask him for part of its budget every time you install, upgrade, and get new software applications. Now instead of buying you a Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, He now has extra money to spare for a spa.

  2. Because "he loves you and your job" so much, he wants you and your computer to be free from virus always. In addition, most bosses want the working place to be always clean and just hearing the words like virus, bacteria, or etc make them angry because they know that in the near future someone can absentee from the job.

  3. He wants you to learn new things and gain deeper knowledge of your job and computers instead of playing games all day. Linux will greatly enhance your computer skills since you are free to explore its inner workings.

  4. You don't have to ask him for part of the budget to buy new computer hardware to cope up with the latest software since there are lightweight and resource-efficient Linux distros that could make your old computer fly. So another money saved and another great weekend for your boss.

  5. He wants you stop using bad words. Linux rarely crashes so he should be happy hearing you say "Wow" instead of "F*@k!" or "S#%t!" :-). Linux is very motivated for you and other workers around you.
So, listen your boss because “he is always right”. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone use correct grammar these days?

Anonymous said...

u maybe?!

Anon E Moose said...

Nice bit of satire, cleverly disguised as propaganda.

If only the workplace were truly such a place of enlightenment, we'd all be happy, productive and free!

(PS: look up the definition of Sardonic after reading this comment)

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Graphic design Los Angeles said...

I have one more reason!There is no viruses for this operational system!Its safe!