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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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time Edition - Tracking your projects time hours

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If you work on some project and have issues for successful tracking of your work hours, it’s time to get timeEdition software. TimeEdition is targeted at all users in a computer workplace who value detailed documentation of their working hours, whether they use it for customer billing or for monitoring the duration of individual projects.

timeEdition focuses on simple usability and a thoroughly clear overview for day-to-day use. It has very simple user interface and users only see those functions that they really need to record their daily working times. All other advanced functions can be accessed from the main menu.

TimeEdition simplifies the work involved in entering your time data, while at the same time it ensures that incorrect time data cannot be input. For example, if you forget to stop time recording when you are off your computer, timeEdition will stop recording automatically when there is noticeable user inactivity (there is no keyboard or mouse input for a specific period).

Also timeEdition works perfectly with Apple's iCal, Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. The software lets you automatically transfer your time records into these applications and add a note to each time(helping you to keep all the important details of your projects in sight) so later you can retain a complete overview of your work even in retrospect. You can export your time hours in XLS, XML, CSV and iCal format so you can easily use the time data for invoicing or for your personal documentation.

TimeEdition is cross platform. It works on Windows, Linux and MacOS. Read more about and download timeEdition here.

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personal-tips said...

does it interface directly with MS project to update project? and can it makes sync with multiple source depending on the project?

like: project x with MS project, project y in another MS project and all other to a time sheet in the calendar outlook for example.