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Monday, October 26, 2009

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The hardest task of every webmaster and how to solve it

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The hardest task of every webmaster is the first - finding the right hosting site where he could put and maintain his/her web site. There are a lot of hosting companies all over the world which offer their services with different prices and hosting quality. Many are fakes and many are legitimate web hosting companies. But, how you will decide which hosting service is right for you?

As internet become a common way our life, more people are starting to realize that the global network has opened the doors to them around the world to communicate, seek entertainment, shop and conduct business online. If you are just starting out and want no string attached, there are plenty of alternatives.

Choosing a web hosting company that fits your budget can be little overwhelming, since it involves doing some research. Nowadays, Web hosting plans are very competitive and hosting companies are giving more features for less price. Some of the best hosting companies offer reliable and quality hosting, but are on the pricey side. If you are looking to get a quality hosting service at best price, budget web hosting is the best solution for you. Following web hosting guide may help you determine that:

Definition of budget for hosting
Budget web hosting refers to any hosting provider offering hosting service $10 per month or less.

Determine your needs first
What features does your site need? Is this a business web site or just a personal site? Do you need a blog? Do you need to host mission-critical applications? Do you need ecommerce hosting? Do you need a Linux based hosting or windows based hosting? Once you have your feature list ready, start exploring web hosting providers one by one. This site provides a very good list of providers that specialize in each area.

Well explained features and How to
Visit the web site of the hosting company and see how well they explain their features. Are the features listed and well defined? Does the site look professional? A professional looking site reflects the professionalism and also tells you they are serious in business. Do they list a contact number? All the information you need, are they accessible from the homepage? How will you contact them with questions: email, phone, toll number… Lack of support or contact number should raise an immediate red flag.

Reliability and up time Guarantee
Best hosting providers offer up time of over 99%. This shows that the provider is committed to keep all servers up all the time. They are essentially guaranteeing that your site will be functional 99% of the time. The rest downtime of 1% would represent an estimated 8 hours of downtime for the whole year. If you cannot find an up time Guarantee listed in a hosting plan, move on to next provider in your list.

Reliable Servers
Best providers keep a limit on number of sites per server(in case of Shared hosting - multiple hosting accounts on same server). Some hosts do oversell their plans for quick profit, which may result in sites being slow. Call or chat with the support and ask how many sites are supported per server in a shared hosting environment.

You can try I assume that this is the largest web hosting directory which offers complete up-to-date information of all major web hosting providers, present monthly best web hosting awards, the best of best web hosting offers, discount coupons for website hosting, and un-edited web host reviews by real customers. There you can always find the latest top 10 hosting companies in every moment for your website .

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Neil said...

My vote is for go-daddy. They have been square with all our dealings with them so far.