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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Comfort of Web Development with Aptana Studio for Linux, Mac or Windows

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Aptana Studio is free, open source Ajax development environment. With over a million downloads, developers all over the world are discovering why Aptana Studio is the leading choice of web professionals everywhere. Studio offers free plug-ins for PHP, Ruby on Rails, Adobe AIR, and even Apple iPhone development. Get unrivaled support for popular libraries including jQuery, Prototype, YUI, dojo, Ext JS, MooTools, and others.

Of course Studio also includes rich support for development of Jaxer-based Ajax applications. In fact, as of Studio 1.1, Jaxer is fully integrated so that development of end-to-end Ajax applications requires no further installations or server setup. Just create a new HTML document and you can build fully realized client/server applications rich with database access, network access, and much more.

Download Aptana Studio for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Both the standalone and Eclipse plug-in distributions are free, open source software.


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Saravanan said...

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