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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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RIAA said: DRM is dead!

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According to the site Torrent Freak: DRM is out. Although the last two years RIAA persistently talks about the DRM, the digital music and other content "useful for end users," without a more detailed explanation of what benefits are there for, it seems that we, the end users were stupid enough and persistent that we do not believe. Consequently the major distributors of digital content slowly canceling the implementation of DRM, so even from Apple this year announced that all music that is sold through iTunes will be DRM-free.

SCMagazine, which texts was published to Torrent Freak, ask the spokesman of RIAA Jonathan Lamy, about what his organization and what he is thinking about the DRM; his answer was: "DRM is dead, right?".

What is the reason for this? Economy, of course. All major distributors believe that to pull the DRM from the digital material contributes to their greater sales, not reduce it, as he claimed RIAA ...

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