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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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Windows 7 tip: How to Speed Up Disk Defragmenter

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Windows 7 in the Disk Defragmenter tool than Windows Vista provides a more controllable option, the command-line version of it also provides some interesting new features. The following is a parameter Description:

/R parallel processing of multiple drives

/h to allow Disk Defragmenter tool uses more system resources, in order to accelerate the run

/u to provide regular progress reports, you can see the process of finishing details debris

Command usage examples:

Defrag /c /h /u /r

Role: in a command-line window quickly collate multiple drives.

To find more available parameters use: defrag /?

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Anonymous said...

The win7 defragger is slightly better than vista's but I find
the lack of a proper drive map, the slow speed, the incompleteness of the defrag and inability to defrag system files (eg page file) are really disappointing. I don't see myself uninstalling my third party defragger anytime soon.