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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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Google will show Chrome OS on thursday

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Google is ready to show the Chrome OS progress with an event in Thursday at Google’s headquarters. After Google Chief Eric Schmidt resigned from Apple Board because conflict of interests - particularly about Android and the newly comer Chrome OS, the development of both Google OS’s is rapidly faster. In Thursday morning Google will give more technical information and some demos of the product that they will launch it next year.

Chrome OS is mainly targeting in netbook market, and is direct competitor is MS Windows XP and other open source Linux netbook OS like Moblin, Ubuntu netbook remix etc..

Knowing Google and the previous projects like Android and Chrome Browser, the next OS will be fast and more Web based – all integrated Google solutions (Google Mail, Apps, Picasa, Earth, Maps.…) and solution for Social Media, Web Browsing and Multimedia. Also, like Android, integrated simply and effective – animated user interface and easy online apps installation. The old XP on netbook is to slow (Windows 7 is even slower) and the good Moblin OS and Google Chrome OS will soon replace Windows-es from the netbook market so Linux will get more market share and more attention from big companies.

Updated: So enough guessing, here is more info of how will look and what functions Google OS will have.

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Anonymous said...

If you are interested in free, alternative operating systems, don't forget Haiku (which is looking more and more promising) and has just released version Alpha 1. Read more here: