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Thursday, November 12, 2009

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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Windows 7 eats your laptop battery faster than XP

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In Redmond, they probably have headache again and they cannot believe how Windows XP can't die even when Windows 7 is out. Instead of going in the stars – XP is still living in many computers and texts on the web, becouse Windows XP is still better in some segments than the new Windows 7.

The last example is the battery life laptop tests on the sites: jkOnTheRun, Liliputing and LaptopMag.

Three independent, separate web sites and the results are the same - depending on the tested laptop, Windows 7 is eating all the battery power for half hour or hour earlier than Windows XP. Although the Windows 7 look fancier, owners of laptops on the move and those who desperately need more battery hours probably still have a reason to "downgrade" to Windows XP...

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Chars said...

Agree...until now windows XP is the best..

Jeff Gold said...

Yikes...sounds no good. I have a macbook and a pc and the macbook has definitely treated me a lot better in every aspect.