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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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Run Windows on Linux with Win4Lin products

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Win4LIn products run Windows applications and Desktops on Linux operating systems. Win4Lin products have been developed over the last 20 years to enable Linux/Unix systems to run Windows applications with the same stability and speed as native Linux applications.

Win4Lin evolved to become the best computing experience for hosted Windows applications on the non-Windows desktop. No more dual booting – Win4Lin Desktop runs Windows as a Linux application and stores your documents and settings in the Linux file system.

The Win4Lin Family includes two products:

  1. Win4Lin Desktop - Runs Windows applications on Linux Desktop
  2. Win4Lin Terminal Server - Serves multiple Windows sessions from a Linux server onto thin clients or low cost personal computers.
The process of emulating Windows operating system on Linux systems is very simple. Win4Lin products run the Windows operating system as a native Linux process. With Win4Lin Windows and Linux sessions are not tied to a single display. They can be displayed to dumb terminals, thin clients or even web browsers. Win4Lin Terminal Server when coupled with redisplay technologies like VNC and NoMachine.

Hosting Windows operating systems on Linux offer a number of benefits to end-users and systems administrators alike:
  • Hosted Windows systems are much more flexibility for the management and deployment of Windows applications since the hosted solution is not tied directly to a traditional PC.
  • Since Windows virtual PC installations become "soft machines" it makes it possible to commission and decommission users centrally from a PC console rather than at the users desktop.

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