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Friday, July 18, 2008

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What type of sites search engines like to eat?

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As you already know, search engines want to return high quality websites to their loyal searchers. If you have site or blog you must make sure that your website is such a high quality site. There is a lot of factors that make a website a high quality website 3 of those factors are most important:

1. Your website should have a lot of content. If your website consists of one or two pages or just a few pictures then it will be very difficult to get high search engine rankings. It's important that your web page has great and unique content. If that content can only be found on your website then that is even better for search engines indexing.

2. You must make sure that search engines can parse your web pages. Make sure that your HTML code is clean and that search engines can easily find out what your web pages are about. Cluttered HTML code and web pages that have been 'optimized' for dozens of keywords often prevent high rankings. Focus on one or two keywords per web page. It's better that a web page is highly relevant to one or two keywords than somewhat relevant to a lot of keywords.

3. Your website must have good incoming links. Links from centralized link farms and link exchange systems don't work. You should make sure that the web sites that link to you are at least loosely related to your web site. The more related websites link to your site, the better.

All of this requires work and efforts on your part. Your web site is an important part of your business that requires the same attention as other parts of your business. The sooner you treat search engine optimization as an important investment for your web site success the sooner you'll get great results.

Just a hint: It is a lot easier, to use proper tools to get the best return for your efforts and the best results for your sites.

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