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Monday, July 14, 2008

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How to make money with your video content

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Internet makes videos to be more easily integrated and accessible than before. Popular services which is available to host the videos are YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe and many more. Videos can be a good business model for Make Money Online.

It is estimated that sites YouTube has well over 1 million unique users per day watching over 400 million videos every month. That is a huge number of visitors. So if you host your video somewhere on the net, and you like to integrate it with you site or your blog, you may ask yourself how you can make money from it. AdBrite service gives one of the answers.

AdBrite Invideo
Adbrite has come up with a new way of integrating ads into video, something which Google and YouTube failed to do so. One of the advantage would be if someone embed your video in their blog, you get paid too if someone view the ads - not sure about copyright and if it is against Google policy, but it its worth to try.

Adbrite Invideo Features:

  • Fully customizable video player, easy-to-use, and 100% free.
  • Brand your videos with your own custom logo watermark.
  • Split-screen ads engage users without interrupting viewing experience.
  • Sharing features promote your site when your videos get viral
  • Earn money from your videos, even when they are embedded into other people Web sites.
So, If you are interested to make money from Adbrite Invideo service or you need more information link is HERE.

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