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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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Microsoft Oxite – new CMS and Blogging platform

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Microsoft released open source blogging platform named Oxite. This new blogging platform has powerful framework for building blogs or complete web pages in blog form with support of many modern web and Internet technologies.

The aim of this project according to Microsoft was release of powerful framework for developers and blogers, not just competition for other blogers frameworks. Oxite is Content Management System (CMS) and it can be used for complex web pages. It support comments on articles, global avatars, comments on posts, RSS support and many other features.

Oxite supports installation on diferrent blogs and their integration on single page, also it supports software developed with ASP, .NET platform, MVC, Visual Studio Team Suite and Background Services Architecture. There is database support like SQL Server and others.

The code is open source and is available through OSI license on Microsoft CodePlex. For more informations and demonstrations of this framework check this page, that is build with new Microsoft Oxite platform.

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