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Thursday, December 11, 2008

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Egen Consulting services and products review

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Egen Consulting is a growing IT Services and Technology Solutions Provider with over 120+ combined years of experience in the computing industry. They strive to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions and ultimate customer service. This is a dynamic and reputable organization with advanced infrastructure, tools, methodologies and skilled staff help to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Egen Consulting is staffed by experienced professionals with a wide array of experience in project management, systems analysis and design, programming and systems programming.

They offer an array of professional services to assist their clients in addressing their IT service needs in a flexible and cost effective manner. Their diverse delivery models and multi-platform capability enable to provide the most suitable skills, services and solutions to meet their clients' specific needs. End-to-end solutions capability enables Egen Consulting to deliver projects with single point responsibility. With focus on projects and customer needs, they developed products and solutions which help customers to achieve greater operational efficiency, enhance collaboration and reduce costs.

Their data migration services help their clients to transform older and unsupported legacy applications and data into user friendly applications running on new and supported platforms. With knowledge of both personal and mainframe technologies, they understand how to make these platforms work together.

Link: ACT software consultant

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