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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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Universal source control integration plugin

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Subversion/SVN or CVS are version control systems used in many software development projects. With version control system applications you can record the history of your source files. For example, bugs sometimes creep in when software is modified, and you might not detect the bug until a long time after you make the modification. Also, you can easily retrieve old versions to see exactly which change caused the bug. This can sometimes be a big help.

Saving every version of every file will waste an enormous amount of disk space and time. Version control system applications stores all the versions of a file in a single file in a clever way, so you can easily catch difference between versions in any time. It also helps you if you are part of a group of people working on the same project.

Version control system applications sometimes must be integrated with some development tools. Aigenta Unified SCC - source control integration is that kind of tool / plugin which integrate CVS or Subversion to your development tools. With this plugin you can easily make Visual Studio Subversion integration or PowerBuilder,Visio and other IDE's integration to your Version control system.

The main features of this plugin will be: similarity of GUI with Visual Source safe, shows status of files in the IDE, easy access to the most frequently used operations, works via MSSCCI - native source control integration interface!

Other features:

  • rename, move, add or remove files and folders right in the IDE
  • Easy access to source control operations
  • File history viewer and comparison support
  • Supports both edit-merge-commit and lock-edit-commit work models
  • Auto file locking feature - applies to those files that can't be modified concurrently (pictures, binary files, etc)
  • Source control repository can be set for each project independently
  • Atomic commits support

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