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Thursday, August 28, 2008

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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Songbird - all platform music player

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Songbird is open source, cross-platform free music player. It is very customizable and it supports extensions, plugins and skins. It has many integrated services, hundreds of add-ons, and a growing developer community. It's built on Mozilla, so it will be the next mozilla firefox for music players. For multimedia playback Songbird use Gstreamer on all platforms so it play all media files supported by Gstreamer media framework.

The interface is simple and intuitive, you can create smart playlist with automatic updates of criteria you set, Simple Column Headings, discover upcoming shows in your area based on the artists in your library and listing events, it support also and Shoutcast internet radio database. On installation, a new update mechanism ensures that all users have an option to install the latest Recommended Add-ons. You can turn this feature on/off in the Preferences. Songbird has fastest music database search, so you can enjoy more in your music tracks than loose time searching for your favourite tracks.

Other Songbird futures (Add-ons) are:

  • LyricMaster – Sing with your faourites tracks, lets you save them back to the file, edit them via the metdata editor, style/theme the panel to match your Feather, etc.
  • MediaFlow (lets you flip through your album art)
  • Music Recommendations (pulls up recommendations based on your currently playing track)
  • LiveTweeter (post your listening status and tracks played to Twitter, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Pidgin, & Mercury)
  • Notify Me - notifications for track changes
  • Seeqpod (an awesome search interface for the SeeqPod search engine)
  • Mac Remote Control (adds support for the Apple Remote Control to Songbird for Mac users)
  • YABS (hands down one of the best Feathers out there. a personal favourite of many Songbirders, this is a really slick dark Feather with support for many add-ons like Media Flow, mashTape & LyricMaster as well)
  • iPhone and iPod plugins for using it as a remote control for Songbird
  • Many more features and add ons – read more here.

Also you can enhanced you player with quality add ons, and even you can create your own plugins if you have a little knowledge of Javascript, CSS, and HTML or XUL. Songbird is in constant development, so you can always contribute with your feedback and ideas! So give it a try, and send your feedbacks and intuitive ideas to Songbird official web page.

For more informations, follow this link, or check up their feature Roadmap here.

For easy one click installation of Songbird on Ubuntu click here.

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