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Thursday, September 11, 2008

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ION LP2Flash for converting LP to FLASH

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ION present to the market LP 2 FLASH device. The main usage of device is fast and easy converting your vinyl recordings directly to an SD card or USB device without the need for a computer.

LP 2 FLASH listens for the silence between songs on your recordings and automatically breaks up album into individual tracks. Once converted, you can listen to your music on any audio player with a standard SD card slot, or on your computer. The device is easy and useable and will make smile on faces of “old” LP vinyl lovers.

Main features:

  • Direct recording to SD card, USB thumb drive, or USB hard drive – no computer required
  • Recording with automatic track separation – no computer required
  • Easily transfer music into your iTunes library on your Mac or PC via USB
  • Listen to your vinyl recordings through your stereo system
  • Front-panel input jack allows you to convert other music sources
  • Great quality recordings at high-resolution sample rate, up to 192kHz
  • Works great stand-alone or with a computer
  • EZ Vinyl Converter (PC) and EZ Audio Converter (Mac) software for hassle-free recording
  • Sound recording/editing software to reduce noise, clicks, pops from your recordings

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