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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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Techies like Obama

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According to donors from 10 tech companies as Apple, Dell, Google, Microsot, ZDNet announced that over 91% of the tech donations support Obama.

Maybe you will ask yourself why techies will vote for Obama. Because of Its polices. Some of Obama polices are: deploy next generation broadband and ensure access with electricity and telephones, expansion of university-based research, energy development through a $150 billion program for biofuels and the most important - Obama supports net-neutrality and McCain is against it.

So, if techies could choose the president that will be Obama. But, every American is not techie! According to columnist George Will: “If Obama loses - and I think he will - the computer industry will suffer McCain’s anger for their lop-sided support of Obama.”

Link: ZDNet news.

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