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Thursday, September 18, 2008

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Google launches audio and video indexing

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Audio and video becomes a more important part of the web. But, there is a millions and millions files! And how we will sift through the junk and find what we’re looking for in all that content - answer of this question is (as always) Google. Google announced Wednesday that it has launched audio indexing in Google Labs.

The new service, Dubbed GAudi will catalog all the words uttered during an audio or video clip. As creator said - once collected, the transcript will be added to a searchable database that can be accessed in much the same way you search for text-based websites. Dubbed GAudi is the new service designed to work with Google. But according to the company, GAudi is only in beta and it will only index audio and video from political sources.

Beside of searching the terms mentioned in video or audio you can also with one click of the Play button jump to that video or audio sequence where actually the searched keyword is mentioned. For example: if you search for discussion about war simply input that word into the search field, and the best video result will be shown in the pane.

After it’s done indexing political speeches, Google didn’t explain about the next steps of this beta indexing functionality, but I hope that this functionality will begin to index wider range of audio and video files categories, not just political sources.

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grumpyjacksa said...

this is wonderful news. but it also means that the SEO game is going to become much more interesting, though.
but it will mean that you can get organic and referral traffic from the same source.

can't wait !