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Monday, October 6, 2008

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How to install Rosegarden - music software for Linux

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Rosegarden is musical sequencer and score editor for linux. It is developed for ALSA and KDE. Rosegarden is free replacement of applications such as Cubase. More about Rosegarden application and its feature you can find directly from wikipedia. Following steps are installation instructions for Rosegarden on Ubuntu Linux:

  1. From terminal:
    sudo apt-get install rosegarden
  2. Before running Rosegarden, start a MIDI server using either TiMidity++ or FluidSynth.
  3. Run Rosegarden from the Applications > Sound & Video menu.
  4. Within Rosegarden, go to Studio > Manage Midi Device, and set the General Midi ports appropriately (default to 128:0).

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