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Saturday, September 6, 2008

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written by: Viktor Ustijanoski in
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Realtime Locate or Track All Satellites with Google Earth

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The main profile of the company Analytical Graphics is providing commercial off-the-shelf software to national security and space professionals for integrated analysis of land, sea, air, and space assets, or with other words, they have active base of more than 13.000 earth orbit satellites.

In company program is tracking the active satellites, the old ones and other trash across the orbit from previous explorations and science research. Tracking on the satellites is lead work by american USSTRATCOM, but that base is not available for us, regular peoples, until now..

With a little help from Analytical Graphics and Google Earth plugin - Satellite Database, you can have realtime tracking of almost all satellites.

Download plugin here!

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News Pie said...

Is this a security threat?

Ukion said...

With Google plugin can be seen "almost all" satellites ! Security threat maybe for big companies and military but for us "normal" people just another kind of entertainment!

Anonymous said...

Security threat '' yes.. I want to blow one up!